Fat Transfer for San Marcos

Fat Transfer for San Marcos

Isn’t it annoying how you can have perfect skinny arms with a not so skinny stomach consisting of love handles or a pooch? Well, have you ever thought about fixing that issue by transferring excess fat to other areas of your body? We at Dermatology Laser Center & Spa in San Marcos want you to get rid of unwanted fat in a safe way so that’s where we come in to help. With AquaShape Fat Transfer we will safely transfer your fat over to a different part of your body. We will make your body proportional in a way that you will love. AquaShape fat transfer is an all-natural fat transfer method that has been around for 100 years. The results from this surgery are permanent so you do not have to worry about the fat transferring back to where it came from or to other areas of your body.

How is fat transfer with Aqua Shape performed? You will have the option to consult with a physician before the surgery to ask all of the questions you feel are necessary. During the water-jet assisted surgery, our physicians will harvest fat from other areas of the body and collect it in a sterile container. This fat will then be processed and purified before it is transferred to the desired areas. Massage techniques will be used to ensure that the fat is evenly distributed and smoothed. The recovery period for this surgery is about 6 months. One can expect swelling and bruising during the first two weeks because the fat cells will be fragile. Our highly trained physicians can ensure that this is a safe method to transfer fat in your body so you have nothing to worry about.

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